I use 'Sysrescuecd' ( http://www.sysresccd.org/ ) for my Linux server and Acronis for Windblows, but I think both app's will do all O/S's now.
Sysrescuecd is free by the way!


raymond.meyer@rambler.ru wrote:
Can anyone recommend a good disk cloning software, that doesn't cost
much money. Below are the requirements:

1. Need to clone Windows XP, Linux, Solaris partitions
2. Must support restoring to a different size disk

I need to clone disks with Windows, Linux and Solaris partitions for
backup. So if something goes wrong, I can easily restore them without
reinstalling software and adjusting configurations from scratch.

Say if I have 1 disk with Windows and Linux partitions, is there a good
way to clone them separately, so I can restore only one of them if I
need to, or do I have to clone the entire disk?