On Fri, Jun 10, 2016 at 10:25 AM, Paul Moore <paul.moore@politics.ox.ac.uk> wrote:

What is your favourite environment in Linux for Python development?  I'm currently using editor+command line.  I have tried a few IDE's but not settled on anything yet.  It's possible to set Python as an external tool in gedit so you can run the current selection or file which is nice, but limited.

Generally, emacs and python-mode.el, although I also sometimes use Spyder on Windows (comes included with Anaconda and is nicely integrated with it). I have used also Eclipse + PyDev in the past, which is quite a good Python IDE except that it sometimes feels like you are in a Ferrari with an 18-wheeler pushing you along!

And, at the risk of starting a regional conflict, what about editors for text files?  I like gedit, but it is quite bare-bones, with functions such as Macros supported in plugins.  What might be the next step up?

I still use emacs on my home desktop, with vi for the occasional config file. On my work laptop, I tend to use Emacs for most things and Notepad++ for viewing code quickly, notes or config files. One thing I liked about Notepad++ is that I can also quickly dump short notes without explicily saving them into files, which it keeps across sessions.