Maybe collected into one place and printed in a convenient format? ;-)

Possibly one of the more useful books I've bought. It's not the sort of book that I've gone back to often, but provided enough inspiration to help me when Googling for "how do I..." 


On Fri, Feb 3, 2017 at 6:06 PM, Gregory Matthews <> wrote:
well... vim, awk and sed probably deserve their own list of "tricks" and recipes.


On 11/01/17 18:13, Tina Friedrich wrote:
Wouldn't count mutt a CLI trick as such :) That's more 'essential software
that'll beat the pants of anything with a GUI'?

I'd add 'vim' to that list...

Anyway - for what I'd call CLI tricks I'll give you

 * <ctrl>r to search your command history

 * !!, !$, !^ and !*

 * brace expansion in bash ('echo h{e,a,u}llo {foo,bar}' or 'cp
file{1,2,3} /tmp'

 * bash string/parameter manip capacities in general

 * bash arrays

 * cd -

 * '^string^string2' to re-run your last command with 'string' replaced by

 * rename

 * find

 * xargs

 * perl -e (for when bash fails me :) )


I think I could continue this list for quite some time :)



On Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 02:02:47PM +0000, Paul Moore wrote:

Thanks for the posts on editors.  I'm currently updating a Gedit macro
plugin, and will distribute it when I get it working.

What are your favourite CLI tricks?  In my environment, my favourites

# pop up a terminal

# close it

# MATLAB-style command recall
bind '"\e[A":history-search-backward'
bind '"\e[B":history-search-forward'

Also see @climagic on Twitter - quite good if you need to animate a
dancing rabbit in your terminal.


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