[OxLUG] nas disk data recovery

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Author: phil Kolodij
To: oxlug
Subject: [OxLUG] nas disk data recovery
Hi all,

I have a problem recovering data from a bricked wd mybook nas drive. this was a single drive enclosure not a dual drive enclosure.

the nas stopped responding to web interface requests did not aquire an ip address and did not respond to ssh login on its default ip.

I pulled the disk and orderd a sata/usb enclosure.

forgive me.. but from win xp using ext2fs the drive has 4 linux raid partitions, on trying to view the contents a prompt to format the empty partition is generated.

my only current linux installation is a ps3 with ubuntu on it which auto mounts any usb disks plugged in, this disk however is not mounted when plugged in, all my photo's and lots of data almost a full TB are on this disk which was the backup of a naf netgear san (sc101) which died a few months ago... aarrgghhhhhh????

I have found a wikidot forum detailing recovery for a dual drive wd mybook nas which confused me.. and it also stated a disk with twice the free storage of the failed drives is required.. and i only have a spare 1.5tb on a second usb disk so im not sure of its relevance to the single drive nas models?? especially as i cant seem to mount any of the partitions and see any form of data on them??


help or advise would be appreciated

tia.. philk ( not much of a *nix user at all these days..)