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Author: Sam Lade
To: Oxfordshire Linux User Group Discussion List
Subject: Re: [OxLUG] New PC for home
I strongly advise you stay away from Overclockers - I've had some *very*
bad experiences with their customer service department when faults have
failed on me (ended up quoting the Distance Selling regulations at a
manager before they gave in and replaced a kaput motherboard, which was
the last time I used them - I'd had other problems before that).
Amazon have a pretty good selection of parts and excellent customer
service, and I also use (they had a bad reputation years
back, but they've got their act together).

On graphics cards, ATI drivers are hopeless, yes. Sound card support is
pretty good now - Creative's current x-fi line is supported by ALSA now.
Haven't had wifi troubles in years.


On 09/09/10 16:17, Mark Crean wrote:
> On 07/09/2010 14:59, Chris Crosskey wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> Wondering if anyone had any recommendations for an independent PC
>> salesplace in the Oxford or Swindon areas. I need something that will
>> run mandriva (for preference though any rpm based distro would be
>> considered). DOesn't need to be too cutting edge as will be replacing a
>> 900MHz P3 laptop.... also ..
>> Does anyone know of any big (23"+) widescreen monitor that will handle
>> 1200 pixels or more vertical resolution..... I'd like this box to be
>> able to do TV/films so a big single monitor more use to me than twin
>> smaller ones but I need that vertical res these days....
> There's a shop called Computer Assistance near the Cowley Road police
> station. No idea at all where it's any good but at least it's there.
> Website =
> I've always built my own desktop PCs from parts. You can get what you
> need from outfits like or
> If you don't want to self-build, both outfits offer pre-assembled PCs in
> a variety of styles/formats. I've used both companies for parts without
> issue but there are many other outfits. You don't need to spend that
> much for a decent PC these days. I'd imagine that internet outfits like
> this have pretty well killed off the smaller, traditional local store.
> The only hardware issues I've had over recent years have been a)
> graphics cards (Nvidia works much better than ATI, imho, if you want
> proprietary 3D drivers); b) sound cards (research required if you want a
> dedicated, high-end sound card but since most motherboards now have
> reasonable onboard sound, these days that's increasingly a specialist
> requirement); c) wifi - nuff said, but it's much better than it was; d)
> absolutely brand-new bleeding edge hardware that hasn't yet got into the
> Linux stream (that's easily avoided by sticking to tried and tested).
> I've only used Intel processors but I've not heard of AMD processors
> being problematic on Linux desktops. Can't see why they should be. Imho,
> AMD processors offer good value at the moment.
> :)
> Mark