Re: [OxLUG] New PC won't even boot to BIOS

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Author: Mr Smin
To: Oxfordshire Linux User Group Discussion List
Subject: Re: [OxLUG] New PC won't even boot to BIOS
I had a board that needed the RAM sticks swapped round at the same time
as restoring the BIOS from the supplied CD in order to make it boot
(symptoms like yours: no beeps).

Do check that the PC's little internal speaker is connected though!
Beeps during startup give you diagnostic information - consult the
motherboard manual for details for your board.

In any event, as mentioned by others, a brand new machine should power
up or be swapped for a working one by the supplier. They should be
reasonable about this from the off, but look up a few of the consumer
advice sites if you need to prepare yourself for a battle of wits.

Mr Smin

Sam Lade wrote:
> I had a similar problem when I was building a PC, and the problem was
> that the motherboard's 4-pin 12V connector (this is a separate
> connection than the 24-pin ATX connector) wasn't quite plugged in. Just
> check that (it may have come loose during shipping or something) before
> returning it.
> Sam
> On 13/09/10 21:19, Malcolm Beattie wrote:
>> I've just taken delivery of a new PC from ebuyer
>> and it's all gone horribly wrong.

>> I bought a similar one a while ago from them for my father and it
>> worked fine. There's no O/S with them which is fine since I installed
>> Fedora on that one and intended to do the same on this for me too.
>> This new one powers on (blue power LED comes on, ethernet cable
>> plugged in shows link beat light, DVD drive ejects and, er, injects)
>> but never displays anything on the monitor at all.
>> No BIOS messages--not even the "beep" that I associate with most
>> (all?) PCs booting up these days. I've tried with different monitors,
>> different VGA cables, different power leads and different keyboards.
>> I've opened the case up and the various bits appears to look fairly
>> believable (it's an MSI G41M4 motherboard). Does anyone have any
>> bright ideas for things to try/do before I grit my teeth and see what
>> sort of rigmarole ebuyer want me to perform to get a replacement?
>> --Malcolm