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Author: Peter Green
To: Oxfordshire Linux User Group Discussion List
Subject: Re: [OxLUG] Name servers
I think James has grasped what my question is! :-)

Ok, real story!

I have an amateur hosting project on a V.P.S. that someone else set up,
but that I need to move to another V.P.S. that 'I' have to set up. at present is setup for to point at and to point at
I see in my current set up in W.H.M. a myriad of D.N.S. settings that to
be honest confuse me, despite having dealt with D.N.S. for a number of
years. The support is good at the V.P.S. provider, so I hope to get
there, but additional understanding is desirable!

It seems that some sort of entry of the name server addresses
( and need to be entered in the
new V.P.S. via W.H.M.
But it seems odd that this needs to be done, as points
to those I.P.s as I have previously said. So I am trying to understand
why it needs it to be done. Though it seems it does, from what you are
all telling me.

I would at some stage love to run my own D.N.S. server too, partly to do
for my domains what ZoneEdit are doing and also because I would like to
support OpenNIC with a U.K. T2 D.N.S. server.

Plus running my current home (Webmin/Virtualmin) server with name servers.

Thank you all for your help! :-)


On 09/11/11 08:14, James Davis wrote:
> On 09/11/2011 01:53, Tim Bagot wrote:
> I think the question was why is it necessary to also have NS records
> here....
>> ; zone (child)
>> @               SOA     ... ; I'm too lazy to fill this in for the example
>>                  NS      ns
>>                  NS
>> ns              A
>> happy           A
>> dopey           A
>> grunty          A
>> www             CNAME   grunty
>> ; ...

> ... when to get to there you'll have already encountered this data:
>> ; .org zone (parent)
>>    NS
>> A       ; Glue record
>>    NS ; Out of zone so no glue needed
> James