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Author: Malcolm Beattie
To: Oxfordshire Linux User Group Discussion List
Subject: Re: [OxLUG] Linux laptops
John G Walker writes:
> My years-old Thinkpad has died on me, so I need a new laptop. I only
> use the laptop for word-processing, spreadsheets and web browsing, so I
> don't need anything sophisticated.
> What are the current suggestions for laptops running Linux?

In May I got my son a Lenovo G560 for 290 GBP from Amazon:
    Lenovo G560 15.6 inch notebook (Intel Pentium Dual Core P6100
    2.00GHz, 2GB RAM, 250GB HDD, DVDRW, Windows 7 Home Premium)
and it's been fine. It runs Fedora and Ubuntu - he tends to switch
every so often - and I recall some minor tweaking needed to sort out
choice of wireless driver (usual open v. proprietary mess).
Graphics are fine for the fancy compositing desktops but he doesn't
use it for gaming so I don't know about 3D stuff. It's never run
Windows so I've no idea whether that behaves.

Current price from Amazon appears to be 353 GBP so a bit more but it
has also morphed into having a bigger disk, a bit more memory and
slightly faster CPUs:
    Lenovo G560 15.6 inch Notebook (Intel Pentium P6200, 3GB RAM,
    500GB HDD, DVDRW, Card Reader, Windows 7 Home Premium)


Malcolm Beattie <>