[OxLUG] KDE Kicker misbehaviour

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Author: Colin Lloyd
To: oxlug
Subject: [OxLUG] KDE Kicker misbehaviour
This recalcitrance with KDE started after I installed Cairo-Dock and
then un-installed Cairo-Dock. I'm running Mageia and kmail --version
says I'm running KDE Development Platform 4.6.5
On startup one of the three following desktop scenarios occurs:
1. Kicker panel works normally and access to apps etc occurs as
expected. Shutdown and restart works normally through apps list.
2. Kicker panel appears but no access to app lists. Apps can be accessed
through mouse actions and then open apps appear in the kicker panel -
but clicking on these does nothing. Shutdown or restart can be done from
mouse actions giving a normal desktop shutdown menu.
3. Same as 2 but shutdown or restart can only be achieved through
left-Alt:Sys Req:letter operation.
Which one starts up appears quite random.

Which log should I look in to see what different actions occur for each
of these scenarios?


Dr Colin R. Lloyd
Consultant Micrometeorologist  | Honorary Fellow
Wantage                        | Centre for Ecology and
Oxfordshire                    | Hydrology
UK                             | Wallingford UK