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Author: John Marshall
To: oxlug
Subject: Re: [OxLUG] Simple question
Thanks for these suggestions, Simon. All is now well, and if I "/*sudo
iwconfig*/" after bootup and login, wlan0 now reports "power management
off" which is the desired situation!

Thanks to the other respondents too.

Have a good weekend,

On 13/07/12 16:24, Simon Iremonger (oxlug) wrote:
>> Whereabouts should I rest the commands
>> #!/bin/sh
> This is NOT a command as such, it just goes at the top of a shell
>    script, to tell the kernel 'this is a script to run with /bin/sh'.
>    You would NOT want to add it to an existing script like
>    /etc/rc.local .
>> /sbin/iwconfig/ wlan0 power off
> You could try adding this line into /etc/rc.local . I think it
>    will then get executed when most services have started, and
>    hopefully the wireless has already been initialized, etc.

> You would want to insert it just above the line that
>    says "exit 0".
> Good luck!

> --Simon