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Author: Curtis Schroeder
To: oxlug
Subject: Re: [OxLUG] Wine & Windows Problem

On 15/07/12 12:00, wrote:
> In trying to use Windows Media Player under Wine, well first of all its
> a bit flaky but thats not the problem.
> Windows Media Player will start to process audio tracks from my Guitar
> Magazine CD OK, but then wants to place the ripped copies in drive D;\.
> There is an option in Windows Media Player to change this to another
> folder - but it doesn't work.
> Anybody know of a way round this? - my first thought was a symlink (:d\
> to Linux folder - but this didn't seem to work - but that may be due to
> this being my first attempt to create a symlink.
> Alternatively - does anyone know of an app that will copy tracks from
> these Magazine CD's. They are not organised the same as audio CD's (I
> believe they are organised as one big binary file) - or else I would use
> k3b to rip the tracks as normal.
> Colin

Drive letters are mapped in the ~/.wine/dosdevices directory. To map to
a Linux folder, create a symbolic link named "<drive_letter>:" pointing
to the desired folder. For example:
ln -s ~/guitar_tracks ~/.wine/dosdevices/d:

You could also use the Drives tab in the Wine Configuration GUI.

Hope this helps,