Re: [OxLUG] Wine and Windows Problem

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Author: Colin Lloyd
To: oxlug
Subject: Re: [OxLUG] Wine and Windows Problem
Thanks to Mr Smin and Adrian for their replies.

If I had been a bit patient and let the notification daemon do its job
and examine the CD (it took quite some time to examine 520 Mb of wav
files with these notifications (example):
File: audiocd:/Track17.wav
Examining Finished
File: audiocd:/Track17.wav?device=/dev/sr0

then I would have found that k3b will not only rip the wav files but
also encode to whatever type I want. Something that in Windows I had to
do in 2 passes (Media Player to rip and a Converter to encode to mp3 or ogg.

Isn't Linux wonderful

Thanks again

Dr Colin R. Lloyd
Consultant Micrometeorologist  | Honorary Fellow
Wantage                        | Centre for Ecology and
Oxfordshire                    | Hydrology
UK                             | Wallingford UK