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Author: Andrew Foulsham
To: Oxfordshire Linux User Group Discussion List
Subject: Re: [OxLUG] Separating incoming emails
On Wed, 2013-01-30 at 13:33 +0000, Simon wrote:
> Colin,
> On Tuesday 29 January 2013 17:34:38 Colin Lloyd wrote:
> > If you have several email accounts from one ISP, e g. and
> > - is it possible to route incoming emails to specific
> > computers e.g. is filtered to my PC while
> > is filtered to her wireless-enabled laptop. Both computers use a common
> > VirginMedia cable modem linked to a Buffalo AirStation router.
> What one can do is to own a domain name with mail forwarding. You register
> say "" and administer redirection from there.
> IIRC Virgin Media allows upto 8 usernames for your mailbox. So it becomes a
> routing problem.
> So "alice@..." goes to ""
> So "bob@..." goes to ""
> Then maybe catchall to "".
> The advantage is that your ISP email addresses are never published. So as you
> change ISPs in the future nobody else need be inconvenienced. All you do is
> to tell the domain name/redirect www, and nobody else is any the wiser.
> Then you configure your own devices to pickup emails from your respective
> addresses.

This is pretty much what I have done, with one caveat.
ISP-provided mailboxes are fairly small (compared to the webmail
providers) these days, and may have limited or non-existent support for
IMAP4. Not all webmail services allow you to set a different from: field
(when using the web client), so your email may seem to come from yet
another Gmail account.
So I hunted around and found (a part of 1&1 Internet), who
offer reasonably large mailboxes, webmail and IMAP4 support, and once
you verify a sender address you can set their web client to use that as
an alternative sender address. I now direct each family member's email
to a separate mailbox using the control panel operated by my
domain's hosting provider. It's fairly reliable.

Best wishes,