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Author: johnc
To: oxlug
Subject: Re: [OxLUG] Equivalent of Lync that works for group calls in Linux?

You could use SIP. Its not that hard to set-up your own server when you
have a recipe :-). Here's mine:

You can use jitsi which is a cross platform multi protocol client. One
of the advantages of the above is you can federate servers. i.e.
somebody registered to a similar server can call you on your server:

can call

without any special set-up. It's the VOIP equivalent of sending an email.

The above recipe explains how to use ZRTP end to end encryption so you
do not have to trust the server you are using.

If you use jitsi as a client it has PBX like abilities. That means if
you've got a reasonably fast connection you can host an audio/video
conference with a few people. Linphone is pretty decent also. Works on
android, Linux and Windows but has limited mixing/PBX like abilities.

If you are considering using VOIP with a mobile phone it works but the
latency (delay) on 3G is up to a second. It's not really practical
unless you are using your mobile with 4G or Wi-Fi.

The config above also includes the use of the topoh (topology hiding),
module which obfuscates your IP. The anonymity would probably be heavily
dependant on how busy your server is though. I can think of some pretty
trivial traffic analysis that could correlate/link users calling each
other :-(.

Because the system uses SIP you can plumb it into the conventional phone
system. People like will give you telephone numbers for
free :-).

Conferencing over XMPP/Jabber is quite doable also but the NAT traversal
issues and client configuration issues are really complex. Using SIP you
can make all this automagic (using rtpproxy as in my config) but at the
cost of having to run all of the media through your server.

I've read quite a lot of bad things about Tox. They've been heavily
criticised for an inferior DHT implementation that leaves them open to
Sybil attacks.

Let me know if you are interested in trying any of this I'm very time
poor at the mo but may be able to offer a little help.


On 09/09/14 22:42, Davide Allegri wrote:
> TOX is another emerging one (Instant messaging and video conferencing
> “…without anyone listening in”, so they claim).
> They have clients for Linux, Android, OS X and Windows, though iOS is
> not in the list yet.
> ~davide
> On 9 Sep 2014, at 22:22, Simon Park <
> <>> wrote:
>> Jitsi <> clients for all OS and a Video
>> Bridge (WEBRTC) at <> best in
>> Chrome
>> Simon
>> On 9 September 2014 11:07,
>> <> <
>> <>> wrote:
>>     > On 08 September 2014 at 19:19 Ian Firla <
>>     <>> wrote:
>>     >
>>     > Hi All,

>>     >
>>     > After many years of lurking... We use something called Spontania
>>     in my firm.

>>     >
>>     > It even works on iDevices... Very positive experience.

>>     >
>>     > Ian

>>     >

>>     Hi Ian,

>>     Thanks for the suggestion, but Spontania doesn't appear to have a
>>     Linux client.

>>     Cheers,

>>     Chris