Re: [OxLUG] Modem Gotchas

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Author: Jim Hague
To: Oxfordshire Linux User Group Discussion List
Subject: Re: [OxLUG] Modem Gotchas
> I'm just about to replace my old Virgin Media Modem with a new Superhub
> 2ac. I will just run it as a modem (rather than a wireless router)
> leaving my installed Buffalo Airstation WHR-G125 running Tomato software
> as my cabled and wireless router.

I have a recent SuperHub (installed June) in modem mode, talking to my TP-Link
TL-WR2543N running OpenWRT. A similar setup, in other words. In the past I
used a Virgin setup with a Moto cable modem for years.

Once you've managed to get the SuperHub into modem mode (which isn't too
difficult - I did it from my Debian laptop), it should all Just Work. In modem
mode the SuperHub looks just like a cable modem to your router. Your router's
WAN port will get your external IP address.

My previous setup was using the router with a separate ADSL modem. I just
plugged it in to the SuperHub(*), turned it on, and everything worked

So no, you shouldn't have any problems.

(*) As far as I'm concerned, it's anything but 'super'. Thank <deity> for 
modem mode.
Jim Hague -           Never trust a computer you can't lift.