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Author: Simon Iremonger (oxlug)
To: Oxfordshire Linux User Group Discussion List
Subject: Re: [OxLUG] Printers for Linux
> I am a relative newbie to Linux. Started with Lubuntu on my netbook.
> Just got a new laptop with Linux Mint 17 Rebecca Cinnamon edition.

Excellent, works well etc and you've avoided the controversial unity
desktop variant of ubuntu =). Cinnamon supposedly is better these
days than it used to be. =).

> Am thinking of purchasing a new printer and wonder what the position is
> regarding setting up new printers, my current HP C5180 was easy, and
> everything I see suggests it is painless these days, but I wonder
> whether there are ever any problems with drivers not being available?

This information isn't always up to date, but I would look at such
printer on

Basically I would choose printers that can work with standard PCL or
Postscript drivers and don't "need" 'special' drivers to work.

In my experience (across many different OSes) this then gives you
a wide choice in drivers and options/workarounds if things are
unhappy or slow or buggy. In Windows world using the 'adobe generic
postscript driver' often was much more helpful than the silly
epson driver etc etc...

I got worst experience with printers that 'only' work with 'special'

I'd suggest something that supports being a network printer (where
you can set static IP address on your network etc) as well as
working for USB-printing.

Per-manufacturer information -- you have indeed noticed that even
in their 'consumer inkjets' etc HP have very good open support.
I've had some Canon Pixmas that have annoying proprietary drivers
etc... I've had some annoyances with Lexmarks etc but basically
there are always exceptions and problems with overgeneralizations
about manufacturers =).

> Thank you for any advice you can offer. Paul Surman

Maybe others on here might suggest good 'hardware review'
sites that tell you ''which printers just work'' !!

Hope that helps,