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Author: Paul Surman
To: oxlug
Subject: Re: [OxLUG] Printers for Linux
Dear Simon,

Thank you for this, I have bookmarked the open printing site, which
looks as though it will be very useful.

Yes, so far I am finding Mint easy for a non-technical person like me to
get to grips with.

I had found the HP Hlip Toolbox when I started to use Lubuntu, and have
installed it on Mint also. Have generally used HP printers in the past
so I was glad to see they seem to have taken Linux requirements on board.

I have added your comments re standard PCL or postscript drivers, and
network capabilities to the things I should look out for.

Thank you.

Paul Surman

On 27/01/15 12:22, Simon Iremonger (oxlug) wrote:
>> I am a relative newbie to Linux. Started with Lubuntu on my netbook.
>> Just got a new laptop with Linux Mint 17 Rebecca Cinnamon edition.
> Excellent, works well etc and you've avoided the controversial unity
> desktop variant of ubuntu =). Cinnamon supposedly is better these
> days than it used to be. =).
>> Am thinking of purchasing a new printer and wonder what the position is
>> regarding setting up new printers, my current HP C5180 was easy, and
>> everything I see suggests it is painless these days, but I wonder
>> whether there are ever any problems with drivers not being available?
> This information isn't always up to date, but I would look at such
> printer on
> Basically I would choose printers that can work with standard PCL or
> Postscript drivers and don't "need" 'special' drivers to work.
> In my experience (across many different OSes) this then gives you
> a wide choice in drivers and options/workarounds if things are
> unhappy or slow or buggy. In Windows world using the 'adobe generic
> postscript driver' often was much more helpful than the silly
> epson driver etc etc...
> I got worst experience with printers that 'only' work with 'special'
> drivers.
> I'd suggest something that supports being a network printer (where
> you can set static IP address on your network etc) as well as
> working for USB-printing.
> Per-manufacturer information -- you have indeed noticed that even
> in their 'consumer inkjets' etc HP have very good open support.
> I've had some Canon Pixmas that have annoying proprietary drivers
> etc... I've had some annoyances with Lexmarks etc but basically
> there are always exceptions and problems with overgeneralizations
> about manufacturers =).
>> Thank you for any advice you can offer. Paul Surman
> Maybe others on here might suggest good 'hardware review'
> sites that tell you ''which printers just work'' !!
> Hope that helps,
> --Simon