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Author: Paul Surman
To: oxlug
Subject: Re: [OxLUG] Printers for Linux
Dear James,

Sounds like something I would like, mind you I am full of good
intentions. Every time I'm in Blackwell's, which is often, I cast a
sidelong glance at Thomas Piketty's Capital in the 21st Century, but I
made the mistake of opening it once.

Best wishes


On 27/01/15 14:07, James Davis wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 27, 2015 at 1:43 PM, Simon Iremonger (oxlug)
> <> wrote:
>> Must be more people like that SOMEWHERE out there ... =).
>> But get completely what you say about 'large consumer stores'...
> An interesting read might be - "The Market for Lemons: Quality
> Uncertainty and the Market Mechanism". Most consumer purchasers of PC
> technology don't really understand how to judge the quality of what
> they're getting, and there's an incentive for sellers to take
> advantage of this. Someone who does offer a quality product isn't able
> to compete with that, as the purchasers aren't willing to pay more for
> something they aren't sure they're getting, consequently driving them
> out of business and lowering the average quality available.
> James