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Author: Colin Lloyd
To: oxlug
Subject: [OxLUG] run sh script
I know this is going to have a simple answer - just right for simple me.

I can double click on a run.sh script in my Dolphin file manager and the
"DIY Layout Creator" package opens OK.
In a console I can cd to the directory (/home/colin/diylc-3.28.0/)
containing run.sh and "sh run.sh" works OK

If however, I try to do the following in the console (mimicing what I
have as an Application Launcher item entry):
sh /home/colin/diylc-3.28.0/run.sh
- I get the error "could not load main class org.diylc.DIYLCStarter"
(part of the run.sh script as shown below).

java -Xms512m -Xmx2048m -Dorg.diylc.scriptRun=true -cp diylc.jar:lib

So what is going on here?


Dr Colin R. Lloyd
Consultant Micrometeorologist  | Honorary Fellow
Wantage                        | Centre for Ecology and
Oxfordshire                    | Hydrology
UK                             | Wallingford UK