Re: [OxLUG] networking Linux and windows

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Author: Ginny Ross
To: Oxfordshire Linux User Group Discussion List
Subject: Re: [OxLUG] networking Linux and windows
That helped a lot: 'browse network' via GUI + other bits of information
did the trick. My Linux machine can read and write to the Windows machine.
What do I do on the Windows machine to reverse the process?


On 06/08/15 10:46, John Winters wrote:
> On 06/08/15 09:56, Ginny Ross wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The most immediate option at my level of competence is to use the file
>> manager graphical tool. I can see the windows machine and WORKGROUP
>> within a Windows network. so that's looking promising. I get a
>> dialogue box requiring a password for the Windows machine. The username
>> supplied is the one on the Linux computer and doesn't match anything on
>> Windows machine; domain supplied is WORKGROUP, which is the workgroup in
>> the Windows machine; empty box for password.
>> There are several users on the Windows machine, all with different
>> passwords. The machine of itself doesn't have a password, nor have I
>> ever set one for WORKGROUP. Which parameters go together?
> User name and password go together. The Windows machine wants to see
> you provide a user name/password pair which it knows and recognizes.
> Provided your GUI lets you, change the user name in the connection
> dialogue to an appropriate user name for your Windows box, add in the
> corresponding password in the password box and Robert should be your
> progenitor's male sibling.
> If the GUI won't let you change the user name, then you'll have to do
> something to align the user names on the two machines - either create a
> Linux user to match one of your Windows users, or create a Windows user
> to match your Linux user.
> John