Re: [OxLUG] Dead or dieing MacBook Ubuntu

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Author: Tim Pizey
To: Oxfordshire Linux User Group Discussion List
CC: Sam Morris
Subject: Re: [OxLUG] Dead or dieing MacBook Ubuntu
I ended up reinstalling.

everything worked pretty well.
I did do a few unsceduled edits of root grub configs but everything
went smoothly.

Previously I had not completely disabled the NVIDIA card so the
machine ran very hot and noisy for a macbook. It is now silent and
only warm.
The other good tip was upgrading the wifi, the whole machine is now
much nippier.

The OSX side of the dual boot is still completely fritzed. I guess I
will take it up to Computer Assistance but the urgency has gone away.


On 13 May 2016 at 15:50, Tim Pizey <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Given that I am able to get the system running using a 2015 USB what
> say I just reinstall?
> cheers
> Tim
> On 9 May 2016 at 23:33, Tim Pizey <> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> This is a bit long and ponderous, with rather a lot of mac specific
>> questions, for which I beg indulgence.
>> I have had a 2011 macbook pro, modded by original purchaser to 16G and
>> a 250G SSD since 2012.
>> I dual booted it to ubuntu using UEFI (refind), which did not go very
>> smoothly, I am not using the full power of the radeon graphics card,
>> it has run rather hot and will not do html5 canvas cleverness.
>> I have had occasional issues with the wifi dropping out, but
>> increasingly, recently, I have had problems with gmail on chrome:
>> black blocks leaking between chrome sessions and other oddities.
>> I have been able to fix by turning off and on again, letting the
>> machine cool down and similar.
>> Last night it gave up and will no longer boot into linux or osx.
>> It starts fine, but on linux the screen goes black and on OSX white.
>> This is caused I suspect by the additional graphics card having died.
>> I am able to boot from an old (2015) Ubuntu USB, the system runs hot
>> so I think that the graphics card is in use.
>> I have quite a few choices:
>> 1. Disable the additional graphics card and use the onboard one.
>> If I can get to grub I could follow
>> outb 0x728 1 # Switch select
>> outb 0x710 2 # Switch display
>> outb 0x740 2 # Switch DDC
>> outb 0x750 0 # Power down discrete graphics
>> however I cannot get to grub. Pressing F2 from the UEFI menu does not
>> give me a grub menu.
>> Booting to single user mode does not get me a non-X shell and displays
>> a black screen.
>> 2. This seems to be a known problem, with a possible no charge, known
>> fix from apple.
>> 3. I have a spare, dead, 13 inch mac of the same vintage which I could
>> take a graphics card from (would this work?)
>> 4. I can get a working system and can edit the disks from the USB
>> Ubuntu, but I cannot figure out where to add the grub string or how
>> to rebuild grub from a usb based instance.
>> 5. Transfer the SSD to a Latitude E6500 that I am writing this on.
>> Any comments very welcome.
>> Thanks in advance
>> Tim
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>> Tim Pizey -
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> Tim Pizey

Tim Pizey