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Author: Hauke Laging
To: oxlug
Subject: [OxLUG] participation in the Europe-wide Linux Presentation Day

one year ago the Berlin Linux User Group (BeLUG, a non-commercial association)
started a new regular event which is supposed to bring new kinds of (private)
computer users in contact with Linux: the Linux Presentation Day (LPD)


The most relevant part for you might be that the LPD has proven to be a big
help in founding and reactivating LUGs.

The LPD has quickly spread across Europe:

May 2015: Berlin only
November 2015: 72 cities in 3 countries
April 2016: 110 cities in 10 countries
October, 22nd 2016: 15+ countries expected

The LPD is a non-commercial event and (usually) free of charge for the

The main idea is that being part of a huge international event should both
increase the motivation of potential hosting organisations and make it easier
to get media coverage. Furthermore the event organising becomes a lot easier,
of course.

There are recommendations but no strict rules what an LPD event shall look
like. An important part of the concept is that it usually does not require a
budget and can be done with very little effort. In the most simple case there
are a few computers with different Linux desktop environments and a staff
member for each of them so that the visitors can ask questions, let the staff
show to them how things are done unser Linux and give it a try.

Two small Linux user groups in the UK have participated in LPD 2016.1 but it
is not clear yet whether they will participate in the next event, too, and
thus we are looking for both more hosting organisations and someone who
coordinates the activities there (national web site, mailing lists, contact to
national media). The hosting organisations in Germany currently include
associations (mainly Linux user groups and hackerspaces), informal groups
(small Linux user groups), companies (IT service), adult education centres,
universities, and schools.


a) you as an organisation are interested in participating

b) some members / employees have a personal, private interest

c) you have an idea which other organisations might be interested

then I would be glad to hear from you.

Best regards,

(Mr.) Hauke Laging
BeLUG board and central LPD organiser

International phone contact for the Linux Presentation Day:
     tel:+49-30-55579620 (13:00–23:00, German and English)

XMPP (Chat with OTR):
OTR: 91626899 1C06F2BD 75EC2441 35C696CE 38F75997