Re: [OxLUG] No sound when using Iceweasel

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Author: Peter Grandi
To: Oxfordshire Linux User Group Discussion List
Subject: Re: [OxLUG] No sound when using Iceweasel
> I have a problem with no sound when using Iceweasel on a
> Debian Jessie system. [ ... ]

That is a bit generic: is sound otherwise available to
applications? If a page has background audio can that be heard?
Later you mention the Flash plugin, but a lot of sound comes
with HTML5 pages nowadays, and the sound is not routed via the
Flash plugin.

> pcm.pulse {type pulse}ctl.pulse {type pulse}pcm.!default {type pulse}

That might be instead (and just in '/etc/asound.conf'):

pcm.pulse       { type pulse; }
ctl.pulse       { type pulse; }

pcm.!default    { type pulse; fallback "sysdefault"; }
ctl.!default    { type pulse; fallback "sysdefault"; }

But something like that should be the default...

Usually to sort out sound issues it is necessary to start bottom
up, first checking that the ALSA layer works (which includes
checking that the default sound device is right and unmuted),
then that PulseAudio layer works (which includes checking that
the right ALSA device is the default, and it is unmuted), and
then the application layer.

For ALSA there is a troubleshooting list here:

For PulseAudio the best first approach is the GUI program
'pavucontrol' that allows checking that the appo output device
selected is the right one (sometimes the default is "Null
Output" or the sound card built into most HDMI GPUs), and that
sound does get through (connection appears in "Playback" tab).