Re: [OxLUG] What is administratio-of-your-account url??

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Author: Dominic Hargreaves
To: m.blackmore, Oxfordshire Linux User Group Discussion List
Subject: Re: [OxLUG] What is administratio-of-your-account url??
On Thu, Nov 30, 2017 at 01:12:32PM +0000, M.Blackmore wrote:
> Can't remember and isn't obvious on but I'm literally
> going a bit blind - one eye left and that not too hot at close range 
> :-((
> Want to add a couple of family emails, change password, change some
> forwarding details etc but can't find it and not written down anywhere

Dear Malcolm,

As per
there is no longer any self-service admin panel for email

Please feel free to request changes to , but we aren't
setting up new addresses nowadays.