[OxLUG] Systems Developer (University of Oxford)

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Author: Nigel Brown
To: oxlug
Subject: [OxLUG] Systems Developer (University of Oxford)

The team I work in is looking to recruit a Systems Developer, preferably with a working knowledge of Debian, the 'executive summary' is as follows,

"We have an exciting opportunity for a highly capable Systems Developer. The successful candidate will join the Identity and Access Management Team as a Systems Developer. The team is responsible for the key identity, registration, provisioning and authentication services on which the University depends for authorised access to systems, resources and buildings. The post offers the opportunity to manage existing systems whilst contributing to the development of new services and capabilities."

There's a link to further details, and instructions about how to apply, here:


We look forward to hearing from you or anyone you know that may be interested in this role!

Best wishes,
Nigel Brown
Identity and Access Management Team, IT Services, University of Oxford