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Author: John Winters
To: oxlug
Subject: Re: [OxLUG] Installing Firefox
On 22/05/2019 12:01, Mick Ab wrote:
> The following was done to try to install firefox-esr in Jessie :-
> apt update
> apt install firefox-esr
> firefox-esr
> However, the command "firefox-esr" is not known.
> When I try "firefox", it doesn't work because it claims it is already
> running, which is not true, but Iceweasel is running
> (and I wish to retain this at the moment) so it is equating Firefox with
> Iceweasel whereas I'd understood that they were
> separate.

Apologies for replying twice to the same enquiry, but I might be able to
provide slightly more information.

Iceweasel and Firefox are not independent packages in Jessie. If you do
"apt-cache show iceweasel" you get the following:

Package: iceweasel
Source: firefox-esr
Version: 60.6.2esr-1~deb8u1
Installed-Size: 249
Maintainer: Maintainers of Mozilla-related packages
Architecture: all
Depends: firefox-esr
Description-en: Web browser based on Firefox - Transitional package
This is a transitional package, it can be safely removed.
Description-md5: ddd0bc4f6b2c336cc1c50357095555bf
Section: web
Priority: optional
Size: 113706
MD5sum: 4bce67d7190ef43e2739a24a10233db5
SHA1: 2afcd8abd3d429422efd0925ee4fe6cd7979c9f2
SHA256: a188cd49c960ba7314286e91a036d8b74c5a2afb0eedf58e44bb58c3f9ce32c7

Note that it depends on firefox-esr. If you install Iceweasel, what you
actually get is Firefox.

All you're doing by explicitly installing firefox-esr is setting it to
being manually installed rather than pulled in by implication.

The firefox-esr package includes both firefox and firefox-esr
executables so I'm not sure why firefox-esr is not working for you.

The iceweasel package seems to include just a linking command, so you
can still invoke firefox as iceweasel.

Your assumption is wrong - they are not separate.

> Both need to run at the same time for various reasons.

As has been asked several times, why? What do you think it will achieve?

> Hence this is why firefox-esr could not be installed on the
> Jessie system as iceweasel was already installed.

A slightly odd way of putting it. The reality is that if you ask to
install iceweasel, what is actually installed is firefox-esr, plus some
linking bits so you can invoke it as "iceweasel".

The reason you can't install firefox-esr after installing iceweasel is
that it is already installed. Under the skin they are the same program.


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