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Author: John Winters
To: oxlug
Subject: Re: [OxLUG] Problem accessing emails
On 25/06/2019 11:09, Mick Ab wrote:
> Hi.
> This may sound a strange question to put to a Linux
> community, but is anyone familiar with Microsoft Exchange
> (in particular OWA Light) ?
> I need to access emails via this sytem from a Debian Jesie
> system. Until a few weeks ago, I was able to acess my emails
> using the Iceweasel browser. It appears that the cause of this problem
> is due to a recent upgrade in Microsoft Exchange.
> Can anyone help solve this problem, please ? Is there a browser I can
> use under Jessie that will regain access to my emails ?
> Neither Chrome or Chromium work.

It seems unlikely that even Microsoft would have locked out all other
browsers except IE/Edge. What problem (exactly) are you experiencing?


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