[OxLUG Announce] UKUUG Linux '99 Conference

Alasdair G Kergon oxlug@lists.compsoc.net
Sat, 22 May 99 21:04:02 +0100

Details of the UKUUG's Linux '99 Conference are now online at:

Several members of OxLUG are putting a substantial amount of time into  
making this event a success, and so we'd like OxLUG to have a noticeable  
presence at the conference.  It's also a good excuse to meet those of you  
on this list who aren't able to come to our regular meetings in Oxford for  
whatever reason!

It is a two day event (the afternoon of Friday 25th June and all day
Saturday 26th June).  People who aren't already members of the UKUUG must  
purchase a half-year membership of the UKUUG.  The website has a booking  
form.  (The University of Oxford is a Corporate member of UKUUG - so  
students and staff should check with office@ukuug.org what price they need  
to pay.)

We expect many of the leading figures in the UK Linux Community to be  
present, as well as Linux suppliers, developers and users alike.
O'Reilly will be there so you can buy their books with 25% discount!