[OxLUG Announce] Linux Day this Sunday!

Dominic Hargreaves oxlug@lists.compsoc.net
Tue, 24 Apr 2001 14:52:04 +0100

As you may already know, OxLUG are involved in a nationwide Linux Day this 
Sunday, and we are holding an local event. See 
http://www.oxlug.org/linuxday/ for full details.

The day is fast approaching, and we would like to see a good number of
people turning up to the event. While the focus is on new installs of
linux, we'd like to encourage people who already have Linux on their
systems to come along with or without their machines for help in fixing
miscellaneous problems, chatting to people and generally having fun.

We are also going to be having some informal talks by some of our resident
experts, and hopefully they will interest people who've already taken the
plunge as well as those who are just about to! If you would like to come
along for any reason, please let us know by either filling in the form at
http://www.oxlug.org/linuxday/register.html or email events@oxlug.org.

I encourage people to forward this message to as many interested people as
possible, as time is running out!


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