[OxLUG Announce] Linux 2001 Developers' Conference: June 29 - July 1

Alasdair G Kergon oxlug@lists.compsoc.net
Thu, 24 May 2001 21:56:41 +0100

Almost all the abstracts and biographies (+ some photos!) for this
year's UKUUG Linux conference are now up on the conference web site:

*** The deadline for booking for this conference is now  ***
*** just one week away if you want the Early-Bird rate.  ***

Highlights of the programme include:
  Kernel development:  Andrea Arcangeli (vsyscalls, NUMA, O_DIRECT)
  Samba TNG:  Luke Leighton (Architecture & Design; also Trust Metrics)
  Flight Simulation:   Alex Perry (FlightGear)
  Linux on PDAs and Laptops:  Werner Heuser (HOWTO author)
  Sledgehammer:  Bo Thorsen (AMD x86-64)
  Kernel benchmarking; Powertweak; Zerocopy; DCE;
  Journalling Flash File System; 
  Heartbeat; Linux Virtual Server; Beowulf;
  KDE Architecture; Gimp; Zope
  ...and more

Hope to see some of you in Manchester!

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