[OxLUG Announce] Linux Applications - Sunday 3rd Feb 2002, 6.30pm

Alasdair G Kergon oxlug@lists.oxlug.org
Fri Feb 1 21:38:01 2002

This Sunday's meeting will be more interactive than usual.

  What's the best mailer or web browser to use?
  How effective is WINE now?

Please come along and share your experience!

If you want to demonstrate some software that you reckon other people
should know about, please bring it along on a laptop, or set it up on
a machine that you can log into over the internet and export the
display.  If you'd like some software demonstrating, please ask
on the mailing list.

This is (near enough) OxLUG's Third Birthday.

Towards the end, I'd also like to discuss some goals for OxLUG 
for the year ahead.
  Another InstallFest?
  Website changes?
  List archive searchable/public?
  What sorts of talks?
  Anything else?

Date: Sunday 3rd February 2002 
Time: 6.30pm 
Venue: Comlab 

The meeting will (as always), be followed by drinks at the Lamb and Flag.

Comlab entrance is from Parks Road and there are maps at 

  In a fortnight's time in Brussels, an excellent free conference:

      Free and Open Source Software Developers' Meeting

  http://www.fosdem.org/  - Brussels, 16-17 Feb 2002