[OxLUG Announce] Early booking deadline 31st May for Linux 2002 - July 4-7, Bristol

Alasdair G Kergon oxlug@lists.oxlug.org
Fri May 31 15:41:02 2002

UK Linux Developers' Conference, Bristol, 4th - 7th July 2002
The early booking deadline is today, 31st May 2002!
The price goes up from tomorrow (*).

Professional Linux Qualifications
We are also offering delegates the opportunity of taking Linux
Professional Institute exams (http://www.lpi.org/) during the conference
(on Friday and Saturday).  IBM has very kindly offered to cover 
delegates' exam fees, saving you 100 dollars per exam!

Further details below and at:

OxLUG InstallFest Photos
I've placed my photos at:

OxLUG InstallFest Raffle
I'm still waiting for some of the winning ticket holders to come forward!
The winning numbers again are:  11, 23, 27, 36, 42, 48, 68, 74, 86, 103 (E&OE)


(*) Due to the Bank Holiday, you may still qualify for the discounted
price if your booking arrives at the UKUUG office by the first post on
Wednesday 5th June or by fax/email during the holiday.  Oxford 
University students/staff are covered by a UKUUG academic membership
and so qualify for the members' conference rate.

UK Linux Developers' Conference, Bristol, UK, 4th - 7th July 2002

We begin on Thursday 4th July with tutorials on Shared Libraries,
given by Ulrich Drepper, the glibc maintainer, and the Linux Terminal
Server Project, given by the project's founder, Jim McQuillan.

After a Linux printing workshop on Friday morning (CUPS), the
conference proper begins at lunchtime and runs through to Sunday

Highlights of the programme include:

    * The Linux Kernel (Marcelo Tosatti, 2.4 maintainer)
    * The Hurd (Marcus Brinkmann)
    * Linux on AMD's Hammer architecture (Bo Thorsen)
    * Linux-ABI (Christoph Hellwig)
    * Dynamic Binary Translation (Mark Probst)
    * FreeDCE (Luke Leighton)
    * Emdebsys (Wookey)
    * Gnome 2.0 (Michael Meeks)
    * DotGNU (David Sugar)
    * Exim 4 (Phil Hazel)
    * glibc2.3 (Ulrich Drepper)
    * Valgrind (Julian Seward)
    * Zope 3.0 (Stephan Richter)
    * MySQL (David Axmark)
    * Free Telephony (David Sugar)
    * Bugzilla (Gerv Markham)
    * RT (Simon Myers)
    * Subversion (Sander Striker)
    * MathMap (Mark Probst)
    * WorldForge (Alistair Riddoch)
    * Lego programming (Stephen Coast)
    * Sony PlayStation 2 Linux (Sarah Ewen)

And also: Securing Linux Servers; Wireless Networking; Grid Computing;
LTSP; PHP; Linux in Undergraduate Teaching; Reliability, Availability
& Serviceability; Kylix; and, if we're lucky, a chance to try out IBM's 
Linux Wristwatch!

Full details at:

Sponsors: IBM, AMD, Sony, Borland, Perforce
Media Sponsors: OSDN, Linux Magazine, Linux User, Linux Format, NTK
Exhibitors: IBM, O'Reilly, Debian, SuSE, Sony, Perforce, Linux Emporium


The UKUUG was formed to represent users of UNIX and Open Systems in
the United Kingdom. It uniquely caters for the needs of people in this
area and, being totally funded by membership subscriptions, is
completely independent of specific hardware and software vendors. All
profits are used to further the activities of the organisation. 

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