[OxLUG Announce] Tux2 talk, Sun 5th October, Trinity College

Dominic Hargreaves oxlug@lists.oxlug.org
Wed Oct 1 19:00:01 2003

**                                              **
**       Tux2                                   **
**       Thursday 5th October, 7.30pm           **
**       Danson Room, Trinity College           **
**                                              **

Daniel Phillips will be talking about Tux2.

Tux2 is an experimental modification of the Ext2 filesystem, to implement
an atomic update of data and metadata using the "phase tree" algorithm
defined by the author.

Unlike the traditional ext2 layout, and journalled alternatives such as
ext3, with Tux2 the on-disk representation of the filesystem appears to
change instantly from one consistent state to another; even in the event
of a crash, the filesystem will never be left in an inconsistent state.
This is the same kind of consistency guarantee as a journal provides,
but without the redundant writes that a journal requires, and so it
should perform better than a journalling filesystem.

Development on Tux2 was stopped several years ago when the question of
patent conflicts arose.  However, recent successes in the fight against
software patents in the European Union have motivated the author to
return to this work.           

Directions to the venue are available at

The meeting will (as always) be followed by drinks at the Lamb and Flag