[OxLUG Announce] Sun 2nd Nov: Digital Video Recording / Kibo Web Application Package

Alasdair G Kergon oxlug@lists.oxlug.org
Fri Oct 31 13:54:01 2003

We've two talks this Sunday, starting 6.30pm in Trinity College.

Linux as a Digital Video Recorder - Jon Burgess

  Linux provides an ideal platform for building a multimedia server
  capable of performing the roles of the traditional VHS video
  recorder, CD and DVD players. It is allows many new applications
  such as streaming media around the home.

  This talk will give an introduction to some of the options available
  for building your own linux based video recorder. It will include
  some background in the different hardware and software available and
  hopefully a demo of a digital terrestrial system.

The Kibo Web Application Package - Ian Leonard

  Kibo attempts to give the user a really easy-to-use programming
  language for application programs. It uses a novel approach and is
  quite different from the likes of PHP.

Date: Sunday 2nd November 2003
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: Danson Room, Trinity College

The meeting will (as always) be followed by drinks at the Lamb and Flag.

Trinity College entrance is from Broad Street and directions can be
found at http://www.trinity.ox.ac.uk/maps/ 

Advance notice of next OxLUG meeting
   Sunday 7th December, 6.30pm
     Linux Clusters, Dr Jon Lockley, Oxford Supercomputing Centre

Other events
    Wednesday 5th November, 8pm, Comlab
      An introduction to HTML and CSS. 
      No previous experience will be assumed - by the end of this talk
      you'll know all you need to create your own web-pages from
      (Small charge for Compsoc non-members)

    Thursday 6th November, 8pm, Comlab
      Trusted Computing and Digital Rights Management: The Good, The
      Bad, and The Future
      (Small charge for Compsoc non-members)

    Tuesday 11th November, 10.45-16.00, Stockley Park (near Heathrow)
      Mac OS X and the Power of UNIX
      Free pre-registration required.

    Tuesday 18th November, 7.30pm Comlab
      An introduction to PHP
      KDE enthusiast Lee Jordan will explain how you can use PHP to
      create dynamically generated pages quickly, highlighting the
      security traps people all too often fall into.  No PHP
      experience is assumed.
      (Small charge for Compsoc non-members)
    Weds 26th November, 8.15, Inorganic Chemistry Lab, South Parks Road
      The Screensaver, Lifesaver Project
      Professor W. Graham Richards CBE
      Chairman of Chemistry, University of Oxford

      Over 2 million Personal Computers from over 200 countries are
      being harnessed to screen a database of some billions of small
      molecules as potential drugs. The grid project provides an
      effective 100 teraflop machine which is more powerful than the
      biggest super computer. An added bonus has been the involvement
      of the general public in a real scientific project.

      (Small charge for OU Scientific Society non-members)