[OxLUG Announce] Sun 7th Dec - Supercomputing

Alasdair G Kergon oxlug@lists.oxlug.org
Fri Dec 5 20:26:01 2003

Sunday 7th December, 6.30pm, Comlab.
Linux Supercomputing in Oxford - Dr Jon Lockley
   The Oxford Supercomputing Centre (OSC) is a central resource for
   Oxford academics in need of high performance computing. The OSC's
   clustering hardware and software will be described and used to
   illustrate design decisions for clusters. Finally I'll outline what
   impact we expect the new 64bit chipsets and the 2.6 kernel may have
   for high performance computing.
      1. The Centre - why it exists, what is does, who it's for
      2. Parallel programming, some basics
      3. High Performance Hardware
      4. Useful Software for Clusters
      5. General tips for building a cluster
      6. Linux and clusters
      7. Future development

Directions: http://web.comlab.ox.ac.uk/oucl/about/directions.html
The meeting will (as always) be followed by drinks at the Lamb and Flag. 
GLLUG tomorrow (Saturday 6th Dec) in London:

  12:45 - 14:30 Tushar Joshi - PostgresSQL 7.4 Vs. MySQL 4.1 
  15:00 - 16:45 Stephen Coast - Mapping the Interne

BCS Oxfordshire, Thurs 11th Dec - Growing up with Lucy

Advance notices:

  Sunday 1st February 2004 - Dick Morrell
    A talk on Linux Device Creation and also consolidation of Linux
    vendors and the muddled path ahead. 

We're still seeking ideas for January's meeting, Sun 4th Jan.

High Availability & Reliability - UKUUG Winter Conference 2004
Weds 25-Thurs 26 Feb 2004 in Bournemouth

A very strong programme this year, featuring a half-day tutorial and
16 speakers (including 6 experts from overseas).

  Lars Marowsky-Bree (SUSE Labs, Germany) 
  Alan Robertson (IBM Linux Technology Centre, USA)

  Matt Asay (Novell, USA); David Axmark (MySQL, Sweden); 
  Mark Baker & Matthew Grove - Grid Monitoring;
  Matthew Bloch - User Mode Linux; Peter Breuer (Madrid) - NetRAID; 
  Tim Chown - IPv6; Julian Field - MailScanner; Tony Finch (Cambridge);
  Niall Mansfield - Combatting Sobig worms; Stephen Mayo (HP);
  Richard Moore (IBM); Philipp Reisner - DRBD; 
  Steve Whitehouse - Cluster Filesystems

For full details, see the PDFs at:
and the provisional abstracts & biographies at:
FOSDEM: Sat 21 - Sun 22 Feb, Brussels.

Featuring Tim O'Reilly, Hans Reiser, Jonathan Corbet, Jon 'Maddog' Hall.
Watch the programme unfold at http://www.fosdem.org/
Free (donation requested).  Always great fun.

Mailing list for co-ordinating travel & accommodation options from the UK: