[OxLUG Announce] Sunday 1st Feb - Dick Morrell, linux appliances etc.

Alasdair G Kergon oxlug@lists.oxlug.org
Fri Jan 30 23:26:02 2004

Dick Morrell (co-author and founder of the SmoothWall project) is
scheduled to speak about Linux device creation and also consolidation 
of Linux vendors and the muddled path ahead.

6.30pm, Comlab: http://web.comlab.ox.ac.uk/oucl/about/directions.html
        (entrance from the door by the car park)

[N.B. A last-minute postponement of this talk might prove necessary: 
please check the website or this mailing list on Sunday afternoon.
We'll still hold a meeting in Comlab at 6.30pm regardless.]

High Availability & Reliability - UKUUG Winter Conference 2004
Weds 25-Thurs 26 Feb 2004 in Bournemouth
A very strong programme this year, featuring a half-day tutorial and
16 speakers (including 6 experts from overseas).
  Lars Marowsky-Bree (SUSE Labs, Germany)
  Alan Robertson (IBM Linux Technology Centre, USA)

  Matt Asay (Novell, USA); David Axmark (MySQL, Sweden);
  Mark Baker & Matthew Grove - Grid Monitoring;
  Matthew Bloch - User Mode Linux; Peter Breuer (Madrid) - NetRAID;
  Tim Chown - IPv6; Julian Field - MailScanner; Tony Finch (Cambridge);
  Niall Mansfield - Combatting Sobig worms; Stephen Mayo (HP);
  Richard Moore (IBM); Philipp Reisner - DRBD;
  Steve Whitehouse - Cluster Filesystems

For full details, see:

FOSDEM: Sat 21 - Sun 22 Feb, Brussels.

Featuring Tim O'Reilly, Hans Reiser, Jonathan Corbet, Jon 'Maddog' Hall.
Watch the programme unfold at http://www.fosdem.org/
Free (donation requested).  Always great fun.

Mailing list for co-ordinating travel & accommodation options from the UK: