[OxLUG Announce] Sunday 3rd April: Nagios

Dominic Hargreaves oxlug@lists.oxlug.org
Thu Mar 31 14:02:02 2005

Nick Burch, Torchbox
Sunday 3rd April
Venue: Denys Wilkinson Building, Keble Road[1]
 (entrance at corner of walkway up concrete steps)
Afterwards: In the Lamb and Flag, St Giles'[2]

Nagios is an open source network monitoring system. You can use it to
monitor a large number of machine and inter-dependent links. With a few
plugins, you can monitor the state of all your network services.

Come and learn about Nagios for both network and service monitoring, see
how easy it is to configure, and perhaps even discover how to write a
Nagios plugin in 6 lines of shell script.

Torchbox develops websites and internet software for socially
progressive organisations. We recruit high-calibre staff with proven
technical credentials, to work on complex and varied projects using the
most appropriate technologies. See http://torchbox.com or call Tom on
01608 811870 for more information.

[1] http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?grid2map?451205&207041&arrow=yes
[2] http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?grid2map?451209&206820&arrow=yes

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