[OxLUG Announce] OpenTech 2015 - Saturday 13th June 2015, London

Alasdair G Kergon agk at oxlug.org
Mon May 18 23:46:42 BST 2015

Hi everyone,

With less than a month until OpenTech 2015, we're really excited by this
year's schedule. As you'll see it's a fantastic, diverse line up of
talks by a whole range of people working on issues and projects that
really matter. Go take a look at: http://www.opentech.org.uk/2015/schedule

Highlights include:
	- Privacy: RIPA2 and Snowdenia
	- Being female on the Internet
	- Selling ideas
	- The Open Rights Group at 10 years old
	- Open Health Care
	- Privacy: health	
	- 3 Digital Services
	- Data and policy
	- The election: what happened?
	- The election: what's next?
All this and much, much more.

Tickets are GBP 5 on the door, but to make sure you get in on the day,
you can pre-register here: http://www.opentech.org.uk/2015/

We're already about half booked and tickets are selling fast, so don't
miss out. And don't forget to remind your friends - OpenTech is as much
about the people attending, as the speakers.

For those who've not been before... OpenTech is an informal, low cost
(thanks Open Data Institute for sponsoring us again!), one-day
conference on slightly different approaches to technology, problems and
democracy. You are guaranteed a day of thoughtful, thought-provoking
talks leading to lively conversations with friends. Besides the
sessions, there'll be plenty of time to talk in the bar which will be
open until 10pm.

_Switch off, sit back and enjoy the show_

As ever, while there is technically some wifi in the building, as soon
as we all show up, there will no longer be any working wifi in the
building. So listen to the speakers (or your mates in the bar) rather
than compulsively refreshing twitter errors, wondering if you should
have gone to a different session based on the tweets sent over 3G.

__Wish you'd offered a talk?___

As always, we have kept a couple of talk slots in reserve, so if there
are any hot new or breaking issues you'd like to offer, that you
wouldn't have offered last month, email opentech at opentech.org.uk and we
can chat.

If you would like to help make the day as successful as previous
OpenTechs, we're also looking for a few more volunteers to help out,
email opentech at opentech.org.uk.

Oh, and did we mention? You can pre-register your tickets here:

More soon,
Your friendly opentech organisers

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