Re: [OxLUG] WiFi router

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Author: Martin Hepworth
To: Oxfordshire Linux User Group Discussion List
Subject: Re: [OxLUG] WiFi router
2009/7/23 Simon Dales <>

> Recommendations on WiFi routers?
> Probably needs 4 port ethernet.
> What about practical things like signal strengths? Are the ranges dependant
> on
> having good AP hardware, or is it now fixed?
> No hacking of the unit, just want a cheap and easy to maintain lump. Or do
> we
> just get the cheapest one we like in the right color?
> --
> "The impossible is easy"
> Purrsoft
> Simon

Linksys every time. had various issues with other makes.

Stay away from the N routers still Sept when it finally get ratified and the
10 or so drafts that devices are compatible with may make interoperability
fun. Not seen any issues, but given the fun G had at draft I'd not

if you need longer range then Linksys do good long range aerials for their
kit - also think about where you site the thing.

Martin Hepworth
Oxford, UK