Re: [OxLUG] HDD and system configuration

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Author: Mr. Demeanour
To: mobbsey, Oxfordshire Linux User Group Discussion List
Subject: Re: [OxLUG] HDD and system configuration
Paul Mobbs wrote:
> In any case, the components in most consumer PCs don't have the
> service life designed into them to run 24/7, and doing so would make
> failure more likely (although saying that I had an old '486 box that
> died a few years ago after about three years almost continuous
> running -- service life is often dependent on the manufacturer's
> spec.).

I have two consumer-grade PCs here that have each been running 24/7 for
5 years; they were both about 7 years old when this regime was imposed
on them. They both got new NICs and new disks when the presrnt regime

I don't entirely trust them, so I have VMs on another box, ready to be
pressed into service as backups should either machine fail; but TBH, I
wouldn't trust brand-new servers much more. Less, in fact - hardware
failure is more likely in the first three months than in the subsequent
five years.

I hate throwing away perfectly serviceable equipment. But I note Phil's
observation concerning power consumption, which does bother me.