[OxLUG] Twiki project opportunity

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Author: Bill Maslen
To: oxlug
Subject: [OxLUG] Twiki project opportunity
Hi folks,

Having moved up to sunny Scotland (aha, aha!), I don't keep up to date with goings-on in Oxfordshire in quite the way I used to. But funnily enough, we've just had a very interesting inquiry from a client near Wantage, looking for somebody with experience of systems using Twiki (although nowadays I suspect one ought to be talking about Foswiki, which seems to have stolen a lot of Twiki's thunder after the Big Row in the latter half of 2008). I believe they want to build a "best-practice" wiki / knowledge base / repository - I've asked for more details of the scope. Pending a more detailed description, is anybody interested? We would need to see some evidence of serious systems development, please!

If anybody is interested, could you get in touch with me directly at , or , or gimme a ring on 01887 820 100? It's a fairly urgent requirement (at least, in terms of discussions/briefing), so prompt replies would be very much appreciated!

Thanks and best wishes to all!

The Word Gym Ltd. (having relocated from Eynsham to Aberfeldy!)

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