Re: [OxLUG] Linux Sound Problem -update

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Author: Philip Armstrong
To: Oxfordshire Linux User Group Discussion List
Subject: Re: [OxLUG] Linux Sound Problem -update
On Wed, Dec 02, 2009 at 11:27:57PM +0000, Dr Colin Lloyd wrote:

>Thanks for all your help - we got there in the end. If any body can explain
>why this works I would be grateful

Did you actually try what I suggested?

Anyway, it looks to me like pulseaudio had it's hands on the audio
devices (as it is supposed to do) and was preventing jack from getting
it's hands on them. Likewise kmix may have had it's hands on the
mixer. Unsurprisingly, killing pulseaudio (and kmix) and then starting
jack fixes things in that case.

Jack is not well integrated into current Linux desktops. If you want
to use it, you have to deal with setting it up properly yourself


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