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Author: Chris Wareham
To: Oxfordshire Linux User Group Discussion List
CC: Malcolm Blackmore
Subject: Re: [OxLUG] Online book called "Root" or something like that I cannot find for brushing up on unix command like skills
Malcolm Blackmore said on 15/07/2010 22:18:
> Years ago someone mentioned a book simply called "Root" (verbally) which
> was ancient but had been placed online and was good for brushing up on
> long forgotten command line and text editing skills etc. from the early
> days of Unix. I can't find this in any search. Was it called something
> else or spelt in some odd way (clever dicks with a play on words and
> spellings are one of the banes of unix historically...) that I can't
> remember.
> Anyone recall what this was called or spelt as?
> Thanks
> Malcolm

Can't really help on the online book, but when I was first learning
Unix a colleague loaned me a copy of Stan Kelly-Bootle's excellent
"Understanding Unix", which can be had cheaply second hand:

I may even pick up a copy myself for nostalgia reasons.