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Author: ael
To: oxlug
Subject: Re: [OxLUG] Advice re ISPs
On Tue, Mar 09, 2021 at 03:19:28PM +0000, Chris Crosskey wrote:
> I’ve been using Linux with Virgin since moving to my current address
> 10 years ago, back in the day there were occasional issues regarding
> WiFi depending on whether a bunch of kernel-purity-cultists had
> temporarily ousted the wifi-pragmatists on any given distro steering
> committee, but those days are pretty much in the past

Well, I was with Vermin for more than 20 years since when it was a
decent local ISP in Headington (Comtel), became ntlhell, and then
Vermin/Liberty Global.

The engineering was fine, but their business "ethics" progressed from
dire to unspeakable. The continuous lies, broken promises and hidden
increases were a total nighmare, and I finally dumped them more than a
year ago in favour of the cheapest Zen. The switch from FTTC to POTS to
a fibre cabinet reduced my downline bandwidth, but increased upload BW.
Zen have higher bandwidth options, of course.
No more increases every other month. I have not needed any support
for linux, but I think Zen has a few clues. Vermin were, of course,
completely useless.

I have been impressed by the Fritzbox router supplied by Zen: but last I
checked there was no OpenWRT version that fully supported it.

But Mike said that the target user "has limited knowledge of Linux", so
it is hard to know what support, if any is needed. I guess this list
would be the best place for that...