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Author: Dominic Hargreaves
To: oxlug-announce
Subject: [OxLUG] [OxLUG Announce] oxlug.org mailing lists moved to mailman 3
Hi all

As part of an upgrade to the current stable Debian release, the OxLUG
mailing lists have been moved from mailman 2 to mailman 3.

Mailman 3 is a complete rewrite and so the interface is quite different,
but the functionality is mostly the same. The new web interface is at
http://lists.oxlug.org/mailman3/postorius/lists/ and the user manual
is https://docs.mailman3.org/en/latest/userguide.html.

If you want to log in and manage your subscription, you'll need to sign
up for an account to set a password - your old list password is no
longer applicable. You'll also need to do this to browse the private
archives from the new interface.

The public list archives (covering posts from 2002 onwards) are still
at https://lists.oxlug.org/archives/ and are separate from the mailman
system, using lurker.

Let me know if anything looks amiss.