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Author: Steve V
To: oxlug
Subject: [OxLUG] Re: oxlug Digest, Vol 147, Issue 1
I've been a member for many years (I forget just how many; pretty sure
it's more than 20) and still never made it to a meeting. Always seems to
be something in the way :-)

Linux Mint is great for non-technical users. I had my mother using it
for years, until she swapped 100% to her Android tablet.



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> From: Paul Surman <>
> Subject: [OxLUG] Meeting
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> Dear All,
> Sending this again, it bounced first time because it was too larger than
> the maximum size allowed.
> I signed up for Oxford Linux Users when I first started to use Linux,
> but haven't been t. any meetings.
> Although I've picked up bits and pieces as I've gone along, I'm
> definitely not a techie, and don't have the time or inclination to
> become one. Nevertheless, I feel as if I somehow belong to the greater
> Linux community, who think and act a little differently to the more
> conventional users of computers.
> Using Linux in the form of Linux Mint has been a complete joy by
> comparison with my previous struggles with Windows, and using Mint I
> have provided various publishers with the manuscripts of my books, which
> they have been able to use without any problems whatsoever.
> I might be tempted to come to one of your meetings as long as you don't
> expect me to have any insights into the underlying technology, I'm very
> much an everyday user, but a great enthusiast for the ease of use of
> Linux in the form of Mint. I will no doubt sit in a corner and look
> baffled by everyone's knowledge.
> I have written a couple of articles for Real Linux User:
> https://www.reallinuxuser.com/a-non-technical-linux-users-tale/
> and
> https://www.reallinuxuser.com/albert-and-catfish-search-tools-and-horses-for-courses/
> <https://www.reallinuxuser.com/albert-and-catfish-search-tools-and-horses-for-courses/>
> I'm a bit of a Linux groupie I suppose.
> Very best wishes
> Paul